Jess (_jebbie) wrote in dammitfreckles,

1. It is very hard to draw Korean puffs without making them look like owls.
2. Sun's hair is way too short, but I'm trying something new with her pants, I sort of like them! Jin's pants, on the other hand, took about 3 seconds and for that I am ashamed.
3. Same background because I'm too lazy unless it's actually a scene.

Up next: Drunk Des (via ep 3x08), Ghost Charlie (via ep 4x01) and Monk Desmond (via an ep I don't remember! who wants to remind me?)
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Those are cute! Great job on Jin's hair and you have the handcuff!

Des was a monk in "Catch 22."
Omigosh, those are adorable. I love the hair for both of them. Can't wait until the next ones! :D

♣ enchantedteacup
They look wonderful! Their expressions, especially Jin's, are perfect and the handcuff is a really nice touch! I'm looking forward to the next in the series!
those are awesome!!! :D
Heee, awesomeness! :D

Sun's hair is never too short for me, I'm kinda more used to her S1 hair than her current hair, lol :D
Great job! I love the handcuff, and for some reason, Jin's shirt!

I think Sun's hair looks fine. Did anyone ever notice that is season 1 it was shoulder length and by season 2 it was waaay longer?? They haven't been on the island THAT long!
I looooooove it!
They are very adorable, and Sun's hair length is all over the place on the show, so I wouldn't worry about it.

Yay for Ghost Charlie! *whispers* and don't forget soldier Des...
hahaha he hasn't been forgotten, he's on the list too!
When will we see more? \o/