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dammitfreckles's Journal

Lost Puffs
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lost fanart
Thanks for visiting the community! Please join and watch and tell your friends!


1.Icons and Manipulations- I'd be completely honored if you wanted to use my art for icons or other things. If you would like the bases for anything, please contact me and let me know! All I ask is that you please credit me in your tags, sig, wherever.

2.Requests- If you'd like to see something drawn, a character I've forgotten, a specific scene, anything, let me know! I'd be happy to try.

3.Commissions- I don't expect anyone to want to pay me to make them anything, but if you'd like something drawn specifically for you and would like to commission it, be my guest. I'd be happy to attempt to draw things outside of the LOSTverse if you'd like. Again, I definitely don't expect this! If you want to see something LOST related just comment and ask!

4.SPOILERS- (as of 5-14-08) I'm now up to episode 402, anything season 3 is fair game! :)

This is really all I ask of you guys!